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About Our Company

The Company Is Aiming To Develop Relationships To Bring Prosperity Into The Business.

Hence Suyog always makes what is needed by the customer and at right time schedule. These are two important parameters for success and prosperity in the choosen business.

We are a team of Young executives with deep understanding of growing food business.The team is focused on providing best services and supply quality foods and frozen products. Suyog came to provide and bring variety of Tastes , quality blesssed by nature. SUYOG is ready to offer Best of Natures bounty to all valuable customers. The market cover is well supported with Infrastructure facillities and Quality conscious team.

We are eager to provide round the clock services to meet challenging situations. Hence we have set up a plant of suitable capacity to offer fresh and carefully processed food items. Our team is well experienced in the frozen foods segment, covering all aspects to offer best products. We are engaged in supplies and servicing to :

    B2B trade channels.
    Dairy & Ice cream industry.
    Fruit Desserts manufacturers.
    Sweets makers.
    General trade outlets with Freezers.
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We are poised for exponential growth and are readying ourselves with suitable factory, storage, vans etc. We are expanding our team to achieve the milestones of challenging business task. Our deep understanding has helped us to devise practical solutions to our Customers.

We got the lesson of PROMPT SERVICE-for providing quality products at best price ranges from our Mentors. This is our torch to walk and then run in the pathway of progress and growth. We are personally involved and hence response and feedback is always to take care of customer needs at each moment.

The food business has the highest variable parameters due to its Perishable nature,sheer variety, uniqueness and ethnic specialities. It has to cover people from all age groups. Therefore our all efforts are for FOOD SAFETY,which is another corner stone of our Prime business motto.

We have lean but efficient infrastructure. This helps us to offer products in fresh and ready to use forms. So whenever you want food to enjoy, we invite you to visit us to get the best of the frozen foods.

We have set up a suitable processing facility in the strategic location, to have season based Products ready for bulk supplies and conversion to convenient products.

Please Get in touch with us to experience the Quality difference !!.